Thursday, 30 June 2011

GL▲STONBURY by cow vintage at Glastonbury.. why didn't I move my bag so you could actually see my outfit! I was wearing a vintage boho crop top, denim shorts, a vintage fur coat and of course wellies- I mean it was Glasto!

I have been looking at A/W collections and will write a post soon! I have some exciting collections from ACNE, Phillip Lim, Matthew Williamson, Betty Jackson and many more. I for one am very fascinated by A/W collections.. Girls dressed as boys? Yes please! Luxurious fabrics layer upon layer? Definitely. Lots more coming soon...


Saturday, 18 June 2011


Recently the weather appears to be reflecting that of the dreary months of winter- which is not very useful when I have just invested in all my summer maxi's, floral frocks and chiffon shirts; None of which are waterproof or keep me at all relatively warm when the (winter-seeming) summer wind hits. This shifting english weather makes choosing clothing extremely difficult- you can never be fully prepared. However, eventhough the weather has taken a turn for the worse recently I did not expect to be seeing the first glimpse of A/W11 trends appearing; I mean it doesn't feel like we've even experienced the summer sun properly yet!

I was reading July's issue of Vogue the other day and as I turned the page on to the 'more dash than cash' section I saw coats and trousers- things which havn't been evident throughout S/S11 collections. Also there was no colour in sight- black and white each page; I instantly knew... A/W had begun.

All summer we've seen bright colours, vibrant prints and floor sweeping chiffon numbers (possible the most feminine collection in a long time). Whereas, now, as I scanned the pages of Vogue I saw quite the opposite: monochrome, black and white outfits teamed with statment lipstick red pieces, and - I hate to compare the two- but a sort of 'This is England vibe' as rebellious masculine dressing appeared to be making a comeback. This could not be more opposite to the trends we've seen this spring/summer.

As suprised as I was at first as I began to read about and digest these new and striking trends the more fascinated I became. Suddenly, I was ready for winter- excited perhaps. Okay..maybe I lied a litte! Winter itself- I'm not excited about, but the edgy rebellious dark trends which are to follow it- I am!

Black and white seems to be the most dominating colours and I definitely have a secret love for monochrome! It so striking and immediately catches your eye- there is something about black and white I also find daringly sexy. This mysterious/ seductive vibe continued onto the next trend- RED! Simple black and white outfits with a dash of red- not mahogany, not auburn but a bright devilish lipstick red. It screams look at me and definitely adds excitement to an already sophisticated and eyecatching outfit. The colours of black, white and red together oozes seduction and sexuality- maybe its their association with the French, I'm not sure, but I am in love with this combination! These flirty hues allow the masculine shapes of blazers and cigarette trousers to still be extremely womanly. Return of the power dressing!

This summer the 70's has taken over our wardrobes but it appears that the 60's are now making a comeback with Audrey Hepburn sunglasses and outfits oozing a retro feel! Personally I am extremely excited! The 60's is perhaps one of my favourite fashion eras- it was so expressive and I just love how exaggerated the shapes and styles were. It is also one of the most glamourous eras with the likes of Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and of course Marilyn Monroe making style statements- who still influence the idea of glamour to date. Winter is certainly going to be a dramatic, mysterious and sexy season.

The final style shown in the pages of Vogue was that of a quirky nature- brogues, long line blazers and skin tight cigarette ankle trousers. There is no doubt this is an eye catching trend however not one for all body types. A definite yes for those who are teeny-weeny and can afford to follow this trend of the 'exaggeration of opposites'; but for those who have something to 'grab' you can  still follow this masuline trend but perhaps through the style of the 60's or by embracing monochrome.

There is no doubt that there is a complete shift in fashion from S/S11 to A/W11 so I think I'd better start saving now! I for one am looking forward to once again leaving the house in head to toe black and white- dramatic clothing has returned.

Fashion Icon Olivia Palermo has already been spotted sporting the trend at the premiere of 'Midnight in Paris' in NYC...
Proving that masculine dress can still be feminine and styled.

Monday, 13 June 2011


Blazer- River Island
Shirt- Zara
Pleated Skirt- H&M
Peep toe shoes- H&M

Blazer- River Island
Patterned Top- Topshop
Buetterfly Skirt- River Island

Feather Top- Topshop
Feather Skirt- River Island

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


It's festival season and I am oh so excited! But, not just for the music and crazy festivities but the fashion! I love how everyone expresses them self so freely at a festival- and I am still talking about the clothing. There is such a mix of styles and patterns that you wouldn't necessarily put on when at home. Festivals just seem to unleash either a boho, tie-dye, rock, gypsy style in everyone! I can not wait to see what Glastonbury has in store but in order to fully prepare I thought I'd conduct some very serious research and see what styles were spotted at this years coachella festival in april...
Vanessa Hudgens- This is definitely one of my favourite festival looks. She has created a boho look with a seventies edge, which oozes creativity and festival fun. The low rise patterned wide-leg trouser adds a relaxed and comfortable feel to the outfit whilst the wild boho pattern still keeps the festival fun flowing through it. She picks out the slight orange tones in the trousers with this bright loose fitting contrast pattern crop top. Whilst the outfit is easy on the eye with the complimenting hues, the different patterns and textures allows this look to be eye-catching at any festival. Of course any boho look wouldn't be complete without an overload of accessories...Vanessa completes the outfit with a tassel edged bag, multiple necklaces of different lengths and style, a gold arm band, a large seventies floppy hat and of course large round boho glasses to finish off. Overall, earthy shades with a zest of orange, with vintage looking accessories with contrasting textures and patterns equals... A pure boho beauty!

NICOLE RICHIE- It's no secret Miss. Richie is a queen of boho, she carries off the look so magnificently with her own personal feminine style and statement pieces: floral and huge sunglasses! Here, Nicole teams a feather brint blouse with itsy-bitsy denim shorts which balances out the outfit perfectly. Adding black strapped wedges gives this look a glamourous edge and the colour constrasting satchel breaks up the colours within the top perfectly without creating confusion or taking away from the detailed pattern.No boho look is complete by Nicole Richie without large round sunglasses and lightly tousled blonde locks falling over her shoulders... Boho glam at its best.

This is a more day time festival boho look by Nicole. Her simple outfit of rugged ankle boots, demin shorts and simple black tee is revived with this flowing, elegant, feminine kimono! Nicole often transforms the simplest outfits with a beautiful floral garment- and she does it superbly! I love this outfit as it is so easily achieved and yet so effective- it subtly portrays a boho festive feel whilst still being elegant and glamourous.

DITA VON TEESE- Taking the retro look of festivals Dita makes this sixties style outfit look so interesting yet subtle enough not to think that shes just come out of a time machine. The bright contrasting colours of yellow and orange really compliment her pale skin tone along with the addition of warm browns. The wrap dress is perfect for any one and is a summer essential- can be easily dressed up or down. I think it is the accessories which really ooze a retro vibe: her large square gradient tint sunglasses and contrasting round weave bag instantly add excitement to this outfit. Teamed with espadrille wedges adds a festival feel, whilst the red lipstick and slicked back black hair adds a galmourous element to this look. Perfectly retro.

KATE HUDSON- The simply pretty approach to festive fashion.Teaming a simple grey tee with a white lace ruffled mini creates almost an outfit of opposites which allows it to balance out perfectly. The addition of ankle suede cowboy boots creates a festival feel to this outfit whilst simple accesories still allow it to be girly and clean-cut. This outfit is perfect for anyone who wishes to approach the boho look faintly yet successfully- festival with comfort.

WHITNEY PORT- This is an aztec tomboy look. The LA to NY beauty teams a basic tee with different slashes of colour printed onto it with brightly coloured aztec shorts. The small but frequent mixture of colours in each in addition with the black and white block base colours allows this outfit not to be over complicated but delightfully eye-catching and festive. The black leather high-top converses adds a casual, boyish feel to this outfit suiting perfectly to the sports couture trend for this season. A winner if you're wanting to embrace the festivities this year in a comfy casual look.

UNKNOWN- This unknown fashionista shows festive fashion at its best! A look that appears to be mis-matching and 'thrown on' but works so brilliantly. A lightweight nude cream maxi skirt with a brightly contrasting pink bandeau balances out this outfit's proportions making it perfect for a hot festival day. With chunky colourful jewellery and a festival (must-have) backpack this is a look that cannot be missed out on at any festival this summer!

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