Thursday, 28 July 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

Whether you love her or hate her, there is no denying that Amy Winehouse was an icon through her individual sound and statement dress sense. A style icon some people label her and I completely agree; even if you do not 'approve' of some of her outfits or think her tattoos were tasteful this woman influenced the style of females all over the country. Her outrageous bee-hive hair do influenced the sudden rise of the popularity of back-combing, and her extreme thick, black eyeliner definitely encouraged others to be brave with their liquid lines. Even her tattoos sent the message to people that women can have tattoos of other naked women and it be considered 'okay'- the number of my friends who have stated they want a pin up girl tattoo is countless. Yes, her behaviour may have caused some controversy within the media but her skimpy statement dresses, and individual extravaggant style influenced many women and suited her powerful, soulful voice completely. Exaggeration was a part of her life in many more ways than one and I, personally, am sad to loose such a talented and iconic woman.

Pretty blue


Pleated midi dress from ASOS and leopard boots from River Island.

I love leopard print- in fact I love all prints, especially animal. I feel they make such a statement whether its a top to toe take on the trend or perhaps a little punch of print through accessories. I wanted to give an edgy look to this pretty, teal dress by teaming it with booted leopard heels. I love this outfit and felt like it drew in the right sort of attention... well, I hope so!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

David Bailey

Recently, I have become fascinated with photography. It has really captured my attention is such a way it never has before; I have always appreciated a dramatic protrait or a tranquil landscape image but... now, I have started to see photography in a different light. I have begun to see it as an art; I have always known it as an art form but the magic and skill within photos have started to become extremely evident to me, and very quickly. I adore fashion and art and actively express this love on a daily basis so it is no suprise to me that I also feel a connection to photography. There are so many different types of photography: black and white, landscape, portrait, nature, fashion, abstract.. the list goes on. Also, the wonders you can do with photography technology astounds me- personally I am not a techno boff so even the idea of editing an image in the way photographers do makes my mind spin. Photography is so alluring and personal- much like art and fashion. All 3 are dramatic, influential, creative and allow a person to express their passion. I find the way in which a photographer can capture elements within a person or setting fascinating: the use of light, colour and effects allows these images to convey a powerful message either personal to the photographer, the person within the image or institution they are photographing for. Photos turn an everyday setting into a magical wonderland. David Bailey is a photographer who expresses dramatic beauty within his portraits. His black and white images emphasise his use of light allowing his photos to possess an interesting and creative twist which captures my attention and imagination. -M

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


 This was a Monday outfit. I absolutely love this urban outfitters tee. I wanted to combine a floaty and femine look, with a rougher and edgier style. I enjoy mixing different textures within my outfits and this look is an example of this. Furthermore, I feel that the colours I used also highlight the contrast of a soft and tough style. Monochrome works well in order to express a rougher and more dramtic look; whilst the mocha addition softens and feminizes the shades of opposites: black and white.I recently purchased these studded slipper shoes from Topshop and I immediatey fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. They are incredibly comfy and ooze a preppy vibe whilst still having an injection of rock&roll. I will definitely be investing in more of this practical yet utterly stylish footwear!
Jacket- Topshop
Skirt- Missguided
Tee- Urban Outfitters
Belt (was with skirt)- River Island
Studded Slippers- Topshop

Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Birthday

Leather jacket- Topshop                                         White blazer- River Island  
Yellow midi dress- Topshop                                    Floral top- Topshop
Black ankle boots- Asos                                          Brown midi skirt- Missguided
These are the two outfits I wore on my birthday weekend. I think my love for midi skirts is obvious. I decided on a mixture of rough and soft textures for the first outfit which created a rock but pretty look. My second outfit I opted for a feminine but tailored look. I love the pleats and floral in this- very girly.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tim Walker

Recently I have found a discovered a new love for Tim Walker's photography. I have always been more involved in the world of fine art rather than photography, however I find photos fascinating. As they say a photo is a 1000 words. There is something so beautiful about the essence of a photograph; a photographer can capture what ever they desire with the use of light, setting, costume, makeup, hair and of course the specific charisma of the model used for the shot is essential. Photos just seem to draw me in, I am completely fascinated with them. Nothing can tell a story better than a photo, they can give out such powerful messages which at times can overwhelm its audience.
Mario Testino is definitely one of my favourite photographers. He is renowned for his relationship with Kate Moss; he always catches a different element of her character in each of his photographs. There is always a point in each photograph which he draws attention to, and this is the point which captures the essence of every image.
Tim Walker is also a definite favourite. He pushes the boundaries of photography- there is always so many elements to look at in every image. Even though there is normally a lot going on in each of his photographs, his use of light enables him to focus on and capture a certain message in each photograph. I find his work inspiring and incredibly fascinating to look at. From is unique, quirky portraits which focus on different aspects of each of his models personality; to his fashion photography which always encapture the message or focus of the clothing or designer perfectly. One of my favourite portraits is that of Vivienne Westwood in British Vogue 2009; Walker captures her quirky yet creative nature, but also expresses her inspiring eye for style and her beautiful personal taste through the image...I loved it as soon as I saw it. All in all, Tim Walker is an inspiring photographer who manages to create the most beautiful, original, dramatic photographs which ooze a sense of fairy tale magic. I have no doubt I will continue to be fascinated with his work long into the future...

‘Sometimes when you’ve taken a photograph you are totally thrilled with, you feel like you are on the brink of discovering something totally amazing like one of life’s secrets. You are dancing on the electricity of passionate creativity.’
-Tim Walker

Monday, 11 July 2011

Goldie London

I am completely in love with Goldie recently. Since I discovered their clothes on Topshop's website I have been in love. One problem is the prices... but I can dream! Here are a few (okay, maybe more than a few) of my favourite looks from the site. I love how vampy some of their looks are, whilst still having a preppy but also bohemian vibe. Perfection... Starting saving now!

A/W has officially arrived!

Normally I hate this time of year- the time when the bikinis are beginning to be packed away and it is time to think about what coat I am going to invest in this winter. However, I could not be more excited about this years A/W collections. They completely juxtapose the trends of S/S11! Some may dread the thought of having to invest in seasons trends- especially when perhaps they are just satisfied with their summer wardrobe. But for me, I love the ever changing world of fashion and the dramatic shift within the S/S and A/W trends keeps me on my toes; it allows me to embrace the A/W in a completely different light than S/S which is essential for me. My creativity and imagination can flourish as I interpret the trends in my own way- which is what fashion is about.
Every time I've turned the page of a magazine or seen the words 'new collection' stamped on the websites of my favourite stores a ripple of excitement flows through my body. I can't help but feel inspired- I am immediately engaged and intrigued with what next season has to offer.
From nostalgic 40's and 60's inspired styles to fetish bondage influences this A/W there is something for everyone! My personal favourites is the gender play style- I have always loved masculine shapes on the female frame. Of course you don't have to follow the exaggerated style of tiny cigarette trousers teamed with an over-sized blazer and heavy brogues; you can always give it a more feminine edge with tailored shapes and soft fabrics...what ever your personal taste this trend can work for you. Of course winter would not be winter without a wardrobe full of knitwear and this season is no exception. You will certainly find a style for every mood: from a chunky roll neck 60's style, to animal motif jumpers to sweet, retro cardigans with a leather trim... which will you choose? Another top trend is of course the midi length skirt! I fell in love with longer hems this summer and I am over the moon that this style is still popular this winter. My collection of skirts will only continue to grow throughout this season!
There is no doubt that colour was everywhere this S/S- colour blocking and bright hues dominated the runways. However colour has not been completely eliminated this winter. A/W see's the arrival of rich, jewel tones, autumnal hues and also a dash of monochrome. Red is making a comeback this season- from rich lipstick shades to punches of burgundy or claret. There is an obvious variety in this seasons collections... Retro 'girl meets boy', ladylike styles to rich, opulent, intricately detailed Victorian designs. Bring on the winter frost.. I for one am ready.

Here are some of my favourite pieces so far...
Checked mac- Topshop

Leather trim mac- Topshop

Black chelsea boots- Topshop

Navego print knit- River Island

Leopard print slipper loafers- River Island

Metallic cigarette ankle trousers- Zara

Knitted layered midi skirt- Asos

Embroided red maxi- Goldie

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Again... Kate Moss

This woman inspires me every single day. I only have to look at a photo of her and a rush of motivation and passion shoots through my body. I can't pin point exactly what it is about this fashion icon which has such a great affect on me- from her overall prescense to the fact she changed the 'trend' of runway models. I completely and utterly adore her.  If her wedding wasn't enough to excite me Kate Moss is the face on this Vogue's August issue- not only is this one of my favourite issues as August is when all A/W collections are first officially announced meaning the excitement and anticipation within the industry is thrilling; but my most inspiring fashion icon is on the front cover. I ran- probably more like sprinted- into the shop to buy it!

So... to celebrate my love of Moss, her marriage and her 55th cover of Vogue I decided to post all of my personal favourite Vogue covers in which she feautues...Hope you enjoy her beauty as much as I do!

First Vogue cover- March 1993, British

September 2009, Russia

June 2010, Paris

March 2004, Paris

April 2008, Paris

January 1995, British

June 1998, British

April 1999, British

Latest- August 2011, British

Monday, 4 July 2011

Kate Moss...

I am not afraid to say that Kate Moss in my eyes is completely beautiful- she is my inspiration on a daily basis. I love her unique, british style, her motherly yet 'bad girl' charm and she changed the face of runway models. So, when the day came of the wedding of fashion royalty I was overwhelmed with excitement- constantly checking twitter and the internent to catch the first sight of her dress. And, of course it was so elegant but so typical Kate- nothing was over the top, it wasn't a pure or typically white wedding dress, it was her. John Galliano was spot on with the design: sheer, sleek, scattered with sparkling diamantes and embellished with floral designs- just so sweet and the gold tone gave it an element of Moss' rock style. Me and my mum discussed at length what we thought the groom- Jamie Hince- would be wearing. It varied from a tuxedo with the skinniest of skinny black trousers (or even jeans!) to a more casual open white shirt with a rock n roll style waistcoat. However I do not feel he could got it any more right.. the sky blue skinny tailored suit with leather boots and of course sunglasses expressed the couple's relaxed, rock and roll attitude whilst still looking smart and clean cut. They both looked an absolute vision- a day to remember I'm sure in Kate's cotswold abode. I think in all honesty I would of done anything to of witnessed the wedding of my fashion inspiration.

Glastonbury photographs

In the club Block 9- Having a hell of a time

In front of The Park stage- Me and Ruby
Fur- vintage, Top- Vintage (I am also wearing the most amazing vintage trousers- wish they weren't cut out!)

BEYONCE- beauty

I look like a bug

Mmmmmmm MELON

Mumford secret gig

Me and Ruby- waiting to go home boo! Wearing a fabulous boho skirt from Zara

Tie dye crop top- vintage

Kimono- vintage, Top- vintage, Shorts- Bershka

When people describe Glastonbury as a dream- they could not be more correct! Before I went I did not understand the hype, I just assumed it was the same as every other festival- I mean what could make it that different; they all have bands, food, tents and some sort of night life right? Wrong! Glastonbury took the meaning of a festival to a whole new level. Everywhere you looked there was something new, something exciting, something completely and utterly out of this world. From the tranquil healing field which included massage tents, yoga, bohemian fashion, legal herbal highs and even a place where you could give birth! To the incredibly insane night life- I found a new love for dubstep (which is inevitable considering i fell asleep and woke up to loud bass). There was something surreal yet thrilling about entering a club wearing wellies, having mud smeared over your entire body and carrying your own alcohol without anyone uttering the word ID.

For me the most moving and unforgettable performances was that of Paolo Nutini- his Glasgow charm made my heart melt and his music was the sweetest it has ever been. The secret of gig of Mumford & Sons (which I have included in the photos)- it was very emotional, only 100 people all singing to their beautifully acoustic performance...its fair to say I was in my absolute element. And, of course Beyonce! I actually cried. Her performance blew me away completely- I never expected to feel the way I did. Being able to see her face so close that I could physically see droplets of sweat made my heart jump- an international and inspirational icon was infront of me (at one point around 2 metres away). I have never ever been affected by a performance in that way before- I left feeling on a complete high, everyone around me was totally involved with the performance and everyone was having the time of their life. I am very very grateful to be involved in such a mesmerizing and magical moment- not just Beyonce's performance but the entire festival. Glastonbury is an entire world in itself... a complete fairytale (muddy but still so beautiful).
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