Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I am constantly inspired by peoples' style- whether it is strangers on the street, collections on a runway or celebrities photographed at events. If I had to narrow it down to those who I continuously admire and take inspiration from I would choose: the Olsen twins for their bohemian yet vamp style, Kate Moss for her effortless chic rock and roll vibe and Oliva Palermo for her up-to-date sophisticated yet feminine looks. I have always been obsessed with the mystery behind vamp and gothic styles- I love the colour black and think it can create some of the most dramatic and captivating outfits. Feminity within clothing I find extrememly important- even within the androgynous trend a womany feel is key. I love being a woman and always express it through my clothing: either a long skirt, lace fabrics or through silhouette- it is vital!


Beautifully dark with gothic and vamp vibes, dramatic sophisticated chic and elegant long flowing gowns. Effortless hair and soft lines create a bohemian feel whist their dramatic smokey eyes teamed with scarlett lips add glamour and drama.




Black seems to be the main theme throughout Kate's looks but she keeps it glamourous with a rock and roll twist with texture: fur, leather, sheer, sequins, silk...outfits that appeal to the sense of sight and touch. With effortless blonde locks loosely falling round her shoulders with her classic smokey eye ooze rock and roll.





Pure elegance. Olivia perfectly pulls of a feminine suit and oozes glamour in those light flirtacious evening gowns. The soft silhouettes yet structured looks create an expensive and sophisticate style. Her hair is carefully positioned, makeup always in place- perfection.

Better late than never

Yes! Finally I am off on holiday this Friday. It is nowhere exotic but it is extremely cultural. France! This country is possible one of my favourite places to visit- I love the style, the food and the people. People there seem to be just like British people- moody- however they are extremely passionate and cultured as a society which I love. I am extremely looking forward to this holiday- to escape to a place that has culture, mystery and respect (which at the moment is a rarity in England). I wanted to share with you my first summer buy in about three months. It did feel extremely odd having to pack summer clothes again as I am used to cosying up in winter knits and boots (already)! But this bikini was irrestible, I love the 50s era especially related to fashion so this is a key holiday buy for me...
American Apparel 50s style red and blue stripe bandeau bikini. LOVE!!!

Kate Moss

I discovered another article that I wrote during my fashion journalism short course. We were asked to pick our style icon and write a feature on them. I have so many but decided upon Kate Moss; she continuously amazes me with her relaxed, rock and roll style and she is one of the ultimate fashion icons.


Written by:Mollie Pyne

There’s no stopping Kate Moss.
She is a national trend setter whether she’s donning an evening gown or festival willies and that is just spectacular in itself...

Kate Moss is famous for her effortless chic look- that’s no secret. But she has such an allure that their must be something more to this casual, cool style she seems to pull off so skilfully.

Best fashion moment:
After a lot of research and much deliberation we have decided Kate is at her best in black. So dark, dangerous yet beautiful and sexy; it can illusions and mystery within an outfit. How could Kate not wear it?

We love:
Kate’s layering. Even though her outfits include one or two key pieces she layers them so perfectly that her outfit has so much to offer. A dramatic fur jacket, skinny black jeans, leather boots, an oversize bag and of course her iconic black sunglasses... exquisite!

You Try:
It’s easy really- honest! Just think staple: some skinny black jeans, plain tees, a pair of patent pumps or leather boots, and a couple of structured blazers or statement jackets...Done!

The look:
It can change from a typical French feel of a trench, jeans and pumps to a rock chick style of black, fur and leather. But no matter what Kate wears it’s beautifully effortless.


Saturday, 13 August 2011


Here's just a few little snaps from London- most were taken from the window of the toilet at LCF
Somerset House

Italian Style

Oxford Street

Third and final day at LCF

On the last day we took a field trip. But not just any old field trip to an old museum or amusement park but to the home of London fashion week, Somerset House! Of course, I was extremely excited. There was an exhibition celebrating 150 years of Italian style  including selected photographs from designers such as: Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Armani, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Missoni, exploring the brands inspirations, journeys and trademark pieces. The exhibition was inspiring, I was utterly engaged and interested in every word and photograph throughout; it was such a priviledge to be able to read the words of such icons. The entire purpose of this trip was based around our next task: to write a feature in a group about Italian Style. We decided to introduce Italian style with an overview referring to its history and influences, we also chose to compare two designers which interpreted the style in completely different ways. We focused upon Missoni who create designs rich in texture, fabric and colour; juxtaposed with Gucci who design structured, tailored, glamourous clothing with classic lean silhouettes. My specific role was to create the analysis of Gucci as a brand, how it interprets Italian style and also how it incorporates this within its fall 11 collection.

Header: The 3 S’s: sex, style and sophistication.

Stand first: From the food to the fashion- Italians are passionate about all walks of life. Glamour and confidence defines Italian style but it can be interpreted in a variety of ways. We investigate this through the work of Gucci and Missoni...

Pictures: Polaroid shots of Italian style through generations, images of Missoni and Gucci fall collection

250 words

Gucci is known for its sophisticated, modern and luxurious designs. The clothes are creative and suave; the innovative designs are perfectly made with luxurious fabrics creating sensual, womanly and enticing clothing. All these qualities epitomise the essence of Italian style.
            Since Gucci was founded, 90 years ago, its created some of the most elegant and classic designs which express true craftsmanship. From the 20s to today, the Gucci look has persistently oozed a classic modern glamour: super sexy shoes, statement bags and belts, a structured yet soft silhouette with an injection of sex, rich in colour and opulent fabrics... true Gucci glamour.
            This fall collection is no exception to Italian influences. The catwalk saw a range of tailored, structured, daring designs and elegant, sensual, alluring looks from feminine suits, to flamboyant evening gowns.
            There seemed to be a seventies romance theme throughout with wide brimmed trilbies, flared wool trousers, shirt dresses with leather knee high boots. The Italian style was kept alive through rich opulent colours, luxurious fabrics and wearable glamour. The jewel coloured gowns expressed softness and sexiness- the Gucci woman is always sexy, revealing an amount of flesh which allows her to be vulnerable yet powerful. Pencil skirts are a key piece of any wardrobe this season; through this look the classic power of a Gucci woman came alive with that added sexiness of a split running up the thigh. Through silhouettes, fabrics and inspiring craftsmanship, Gucci’s fall collection embodied the glamour, power and confidence of Italian style.

Our final task was to create our style blog...

I learnt an incredible amount over these three days and have been truly inspired. My passion and interest has grown into a deeper want and obsession. I have never felt so comfortable in an evironment before. Fashion was all I spoke about, all I thought about, all I wrote about and I know now, even more so than before, that this is not a want but a need. It is only when I am involved in fashion do I feel completely myself, do I feel that I can achieve my best, do I feel complete. All I have to say to the London College of Fashion and my tutor Steve Spears is thankyou for the knowledge, the inspiration and the passion.

Day two

Sorry post is a little late...
The second day of the course was incredibly exciting! Our first task was to venture out on to the streets of London and find as many stylish people as we could- of course Oxford street is full of them! We were to ask them specific questions such as 'How would you define your style?' 'Can you explain your look today?' 'Where are your items of clothing from?' and take a photo of them for our street style blog. I was very nervous at first as I hadn't done anything like this ever before; more nervous I think that they'd ignore me or walk past than about the actual task itself. Me and my partner Joanna were pretty lucky though, we had been out on the hunt for about two minutes when I spyed a wide brimmed trilby emerging from the tube in a shadow of black. Once I caught a better look I knew we had to take her photo...turns out our first street style find was a stylist on her way to a shoot for Topshop; needless to say we were incredibly pleased with our first image!
We continued to wonder up and down Oxford street, but were not met with any other strikingly stylish people- in our opinion- that we wanted to capture. We changed our route, and decided to search Argyle Street where we discovered our next two fashion fanatics: a male sales advisor and fashion photographer in Kooples, also a student and full time sales advisor in American Apparel...

Look one: Suave in Seventies Biker
Haley Nunn, 27, Stylist
Jacket- Whistles
Bag- Zara
Skirt- Topshop

"Actually...I am wearing all highstreet today!"

An outfit which oozes sophistication. Teaming a combination of textures with simple colours allows this look to be creative and also slightly mysterious. There is a vibe of the seventies through the wide-brimmed trilby, with an injection of glam rock through the addition of a leather biker jacket and gothic hues. Beautifully stylish with a rebellious edge.

Look two: A French Feeling
Dieter Brandenburg, 29, Kooples styles assistant & fashion photographer
Hat- Mr Hat
Scarf- Kooples
Shoes- Reiss
Belt- Reiss

His must have winter item: casual Kooples blazer

"I like to dress differently; individual style is very important."

By combining simple, statement pieces- a soft knitted jumper and skinny distressed jeans- with almost French feeling accessories: silk scarf worn as a neck tie, burgandy trilby hat and smart leather boots create a modern yet indie, perhaps vintage, look. The palette is ordinary but with the addition of burgandy the outfit looks chic and expensive. A laidback look with a hint of folk, and a dash of French- perfect.

 Look three: "Scottish Widow"
Robyn, 21, Student
All American Apparel
Clogs- Urban Outfitters

Winter must have item: A really great pair of boots- preferably suede.

"Today I am a Scottish widow, yesterday I was an 80s reject. My style is sort of schizophrenic."

Immediately I was drawn to the brave yet brilliant skirt. Tartan is a key look this season and this skirt expresses the trend with attitude. This stylish student was full of character which is definitely expressed through her clothing. A look which consists of layering and texture whilst having a retro feel. It is definitely a unique take on the fall trend expressing youth, creativity and personality. An outfit ready for the cold crisp days of winter.
After that experience we were set the task of writing a news feature. This wasn't something I wasn't used to; news writing requires direct information without the fancy adjectives of a fashion feature- a real challenge for me. Our article was about the collaboration of Fred Perry and iconic pop artist Sir Peter Blake...


Fashion is art.
Iconic British pop artist Sir Peter Blake has joined forces with authentic street fashion brand Fred Perry for the latest Blank Canvas collection of shirts, the designs influenced by Blake’s work. Sir Peter Blake is a pioneer of pop art and is well known for his collage and paint work. Fred Perry is well known for its mixture of authentic British street and sports wear; it was a popular choice during the Mod movement so it makes sense for Sir Peter, a life time Mod to collaborate with the label.
Together they are creating three different designs for the exclusive limited edition shirts. Each represents Blake’s talent and style through the use of the 1960s colour palette of red, white, blue and Blake’s iconic motifs: hearts, rainbows, star, target and the Union Jack flag. The shirts include Blake’s signature on each hem and back neck label, making these items a personal work of art. The shirts are being made and printed in England with a running number of 1000 and retail at £125. In addition, each exclusive shirt comes with Peter Blake packaging in an individual presentation box.
Sir Peter Blake is a man of many talents; in an interview he described himself as an “odd hybrid”. He studied painting and graphic design at Gravesend school of art, also has previously worked with fashion and illustration. Sir Peter says that he is now doing something he wanted to do in the first place, make art populist and into something you can understand; art and fashion have now officially been combined.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


This week I am taking part in a fashion journalism short course at London College of Fashion. I'm going to describe my tasks each day and what I learn. I decided to attend this course as it will help me develop my skills and explore the career of a fashion journalist; it will allow me to understand the skills needed to follow this path and be (hopefully) be successful.

Day 1:

We analysed a magazine each and had to describe the features, topics, target audience and theme of each. This activity was useful as it allowed me to understand the skills needed and what to look out for when analysing a magazine. Secondly, we were taught the skills of interviewing. Once we had been given the basic techniques and question themes we were asked to prepare 10 questions to ask one another in pairs. This was not only a good activity to help us improve our confidence when interviewing and learn the skills, but to also get to know others in the group. Next, we had to turn our one-worded notes into an interview feature in the layout and style it would be given to a sub-editor in. This taught me the journey of creating an article and l learnt new skills as I had never created a feature before. After lunch, we watched and made notes on Balmain and Proenza Shouler's fall 11 collection. We then had to write a 250-300 word piece oon either one we preferred- I chose Balmain as I preferred its tailored, glam rock theme. Tailoring is also one of my favourite trends of the season. This is my work from today...




PULL QUOTE: “I wouldn’t say I have an icon as such...But if I was to choose someone it would have to be my Nan”



What items of clothing would you say are your must-have items of clothing?
I would say it would have to be a body con suit and perhaps denim shorts as they’re simple but also look really fashionable. I would say band t-shirts, but I think it would be tank tops instead.

Are you preparing yourself in any way for a career in fashion journalism now; perhaps through school, college or in your spare time?
Well, starting with this course as it’s giving me an insight into the career of a fashion journalist. I also take part in local fashion shows and festivals in Ireland.
Wow, how did you manage to take part in these events?
Through contacts; just basically writing to and ringing the people up who are involved.

Do you have a favourite brand or designer?
Err, Elie Saab...
Ooo, don’t think I have heard of them! What about their designs do you find fascinating or prefer from other designers?
He uses a lot of crystals and embellishment in his dresses, which flow very elegantly. His designs are very glamorous- which I love!

Is there anything in London which particularly attracts you to this city in relation to fashion?
It would have to be the fact that you are surrounded by fashion here. There are more opportunities here than in other places- especially for fashion. I mean, it is one of the fashion capitals; there are so many more opportunities for work here than, say, back in Dublin.

What are your reasons for deciding to take part in this course?
Well, firstly I am very interested in learning about fashion and journalism; so this course was perfect as it combines both! I also felt it would allow me to gain some experience within this subject and develop my skills. I mean, I had to travel all the way from Ireland to be here so it is obviously very important to me, and shows that I am serious about this course and career path.
What do you hope to learn from this course?
Obviously new skills and to develop them; I would also hope to learn about the different types of magazines. I feel it will help me understand the jobs of a fashion journalist, what sort of skills are required in order for me to have this career and what it involves.
How do you think it will help you in the future; how will you use your new found skills once you have left this course?
Err, like with interviews I think it will allow me to feel more confident as I’ll have the skills needed to give and have a successful interview. I will have better writing skills which will help me as I write for the school yearbook- So, I can definitely use those skills straight away.

Is there a specific person who inspires you; perhaps a fashion designer, someone who’s style you like, maybe an icon?
I wouldn’t say I have an icon as such- like a celebrity or anything. But if I was to choose someone it would have to be my Nan. Her wardrobe was full with clothes was her past and she taught me how trends could repeat themselves and about style generally.

What magazine is your must buy every month?
Well I subscribe to Vogue every month but also but other magazines such as Elle and Instyle.
Which would you choose over any other do you think?
Vogue! Yeah, I think it would definitely have to Vogue.
What about the magazine attracts you to it over others- is it the features or topics?
Yeah, definitely the features and the ads! It is a very visual magazine and the photography is amazing. Of course I also love to read the articles as they incorporate the trends whilst still being about lifestyle- I find them incredibly interesting.
Is this a magazine that you envision working for in the future?
Yes! Who wouldn’t want to work for Vogue? I would also like to write for Elle and perhaps Company- I like their style of writing and read them a lot!


How did you feel today when you were on your way to this course?
Hmm, I felt nervous but also very excited to meet new people that have the same interests as I do.

What’s your must have for this season; perhaps, an item of clothing or particular trend?
Well, I love the military trend! So, it would have to be a military jacket and leather boots.

Where can you imagine yourself in 10 years time; maybe in the fashion industry?
Definitely writing for a magazine of some sort! I’m not too fussy but of course I would love to write for Vogue or Elle- they’re my favourites!
What are your plans for after you finish school, do they involve fashion?
 I want to study fashion journalism, preferably in London as there is absolutely nothing in Ireland. No contacts- nothing!


 Balmain Fall 11 collection.

 Tailored separates have been key items on every catwalk this fall; but not many designers interpreted the look in such a way as Olivier Rousteing for Balmain. Sexy and revealing tailoring was expressed through the theme of 70s glam rock whilst still being sophisticated. The looks were simple but it was the exquisite and elaborate fabrics which gave the ordinary its beauty and allure. Shine and sheen is a big trend this season which was evidently expressed throughout Balmain’s designs; there were embellished structured jackets, metallic rock trousers and jumpsuits wrapped in Swarovski crystal chains. Each look oozed the 70s and had a clear resemblance to David Bowie’s glam rock style.
There was a rebellious attitude present throughout the show through the models’ walk, their pose and of course the dark, rock and almost fetish feel of the clothing. Pointed, patent, pencil thin heeled boots were the main accessory present, giving the clothes a tough edge whilst allowing a little naughtiness to be expressed through the fetish trend. The silhouettes were clean cut through the use of tailoring; strong shoulders and cigarette trousers created a dramatic shape through the use of fur or embellishment on the shoulders, teamed with long, lean trousers followed by dramatic patent boots.
Even though the collection was inspired by 70s glam rock, a soft yet sexy feminine feel was created by allowing flesh to be flashed. Balmain’s designs did this in a subtle and sophisticated way through asymmetric tops and plunging necklines. Evening wear gave an elegant touch to this glam rock theme through sequinned jumpsuits and embellished dresses. Black was a key colour throughout the collection which complimented the fabrics and embellishment- the designs dazzled against the dark canvas. People left inspired and eager to express their inner rock persona.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011






I love the Swedish style of Acne. They have such simple and strong silhouettes which create directional, original, beautiful outfits. This A/W includes masculine and strong designs- ankle grazing trousers, long and strongly structured jackets and a variety of knitwear from light and floaty, to heavy and chunky. I adore the different hem lengths of their dress designs- they're quirky, edgy and ever so eye-catching. I for one long to wear one of those beautiful and unique designs; however unfortunately, I have as much money in my pocket as England has sun... not much.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Who said ballet isn't Rock&Roll ?

Ballerina skirt- H&M
Tee- Urban Outfitters
Knit Cardigan- Topshop
Black Boots- Asos

I love outfits that include different textures and styles. In this creation I used the opposing colours of black and white to create an edgy, interesting and eye catching outfit. I love monochrome and the combination of a feminine touch with a rougher, darker look. This outfit does this successfully I feel. If you are going to put on clothes then you always need to feel confident in them; they need to express who you are. When they grab the attention of others you need to be able to walk with your head high and love what you are wearing know matter what anyone else says- that is how you know you have found personal style, and this outfit captures this feeling for me.
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