Sunday, 30 October 2011

Alison Mosshart

Not only is she the lead singer of London born punk-rock band The Kills- giving her an instant edge and toughness- Alison Mosshart is an alluring beauty and not to mention an uber cool style icon. Mosshart is always one to stand out from the crowd with her rule breaking hairstyles and innovative clothing choices. There is a mystery about this rock queen; her delicate feminine features contrast with her dark choppy locks and deep beckoning eyes. Her beauty is dramatic and incredibly English much like style icon and friend Kate Moss (wife of her fellow band mate Jamie Hince). There is something about Mosshart that captures you and draws you in, you're immediately intrigued by this edgy and perfectly untidy muse making you just want to pick up a guitar, dye your hair black and put on lashings of eyeliner. There is no denying her unique beauty- dark and dangerous yet soft and vulnerable, like a rose with thorns.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Street Chic

I don't think you find better style than on the streets. The looks on the runway may be high fashion and on trend, but the looks from the street are edgy, unique and always individual. No matter what, I always find inspiration from fellow (ordinary) people; whether that be a stranger, a friend or an enemy. All you have to do is open you eyes and you'll see... style surrounds you.

These are some of my favourites taken from ...

As you can see my personal sense of style differs. I find inspiration from grunge, vamp, vintage and polished looks... style is ever so versatile and that's why it is so beautiful!


There is no stopping H&M

We all know H&M has collaborated with designer label Versace which is an honour and achievement in itself! But now they are also creating a collection with the costume designer of the film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Trish Summerville. The Divided deisgner, Anna Norling,  is aiming to generate an edgy, tough and modern collection with attitude whilst capturing the essence of Salander's character. The 30-piece collection featuring leather jackets and trousers, grungey hoodies and ripped jeans all in shades of black, grey, worn white and deep red is set to become available on December 14th of this year online and in 180 stores worldwide. Considering grungey goth, vamp and fetish are key trends this season I'm anticipating that this collaboration with be a huge success- you never know, perhaps people will love it so much they will also decide to have a dragon tattoo.

Rooney Mara as Salander.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Guide to a fashionable Halloween





Don't want to go 'all out' on your costume but still wish to suit the spooky mystical theme of Halloween why not go vamp or even goth with these picks from three of my favourite websites. Inspired by the looks from the famous guests at Carine Roitfeld's Vampire Ball. Enjoy...

Louboutin vs YSL

It has been an ongoing debate since April. Christian Louboutin attempted to sue YSL for putting red soles on their shoes- a trademark belonging to Louboutin footwear. YSL refused to not produce the red soled shoes stating that Christian Louboutin does not have a monopoly on the colour. The injunction against YSL was denied in August, meaning that the possiblilty of Louboutin winning the case is becoming seemingly less likely. However, Christian Louboutin's lawyer quoted that the designer plans to "fight like hell" and that they plan to appeal against the judge's decision not to grant an injunction. Months later in October Tiffany & Co. have joined the debate, stating that they aren't taking sides but are trying to assure that a trademark colour like their blue boxes cannot be copied as it is significant to their branding and success.

Many have argued Louboutin are right to challenge YSL's production of the red-soled shoes as it is part of their brand, they are recognised world wide for this trademark and the glory shouldn't be shared as Christian Louboutin was the first designer to develop this idea. Others have opposed this argument by stating that fashion is created to inspire and that Louboutin's red soles have inspired YSL. Those who have knowledge of fashion history have also stated that Louboutin were not the first brand to use the red soles in their designs therefore why can't YSL take inspiration from an already successful idea and encorporate it within their company. However, it is argued that eventhough Louboutin were not the first to use the idea they were the first to develop it into a trademark which is recognisable all over the world therefore surely it isn't right for YSL to discredit Louboutin by using the red soles. After all, isn't it creating unecessary conflict and confusion as surely the branding of each designer will become unclear therefore discrediting both. Will YSL be their own enemy if they continue to win this fued or will they settle for one of the many other colours in this world.

My view is that YSL should not produce shoes with a red sole due to the reasons stated above. It is a recognised trademark of Louboutin and in my view this debate is in order for YSL to gain some of the glory and success earned from Louboutin's development- whether it was the designer's initial idea or not they devleoped the idea into the iconic statement is is today.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I adore the looks at Kooples, the clothing captures a French vibe through classic tailoring whilst still oozing a quirkiness associated with English style. The images in the lookbook range from preppy, to indie rock, to glamour to daytime chic. One thing is definite, the looks are completely adrogynous! The males have layered accessorised looks and wear silk scarves, whilst the women wear chunky boots and long boyfriend blazers- trends that have dominated the AW collections. I am completely in love with each couples look and lets face it who wouldn't want to look that good as a 'Koople'.


Been so busy recently! Back to school means back to work and I have therefore not had as much time to blog; but this is going to change... This is a picture from a couple of weeks ago which I have just forgetten to post. It has a 40s vibe with the fedora and midi; I always include a mixture of textures within a look and this is evident here with a sensuous silk skirt, felt nude fedora, chunky cosy knit and velvet deep red pumps. This look is nuetral with a punch of dramatic glamour with the matching red lipstick and shoes. A romantic winter wonderland...
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