Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Charity Fashion

I have recently organised a fashion show for a local charity, St Luke's Hospice. I used their clothing to dress the models and they were available for sale afterwards, along with a raffle, refreshments and ticket sales altogether £400-£500 was raised. It was an incredibly stressful but rewarding experience! Here are some photos from the night and a link to an article in my my local paper...


Thursday, 17 November 2011

gaga for Gaga?

It's fair to say I have never been gaga for Lady Gaga but I can definitely see why so many people are captured by her alluring creativity and individuality- within her music and fashion. She has set a new level of experimentation with clothing and fabrics from sky scraper patent heels which are so anglular they may you wince to lace veils or a barely there bondage look- Lady Gaga has done it all. There is certainly something mesmerising about her and you have to admire her adventurous spirit. But, her style is very much individual I do not know of many other human beings who could dress up as an almost cartoon character everyday and yet carry if off with elegance and flare. There is an element of fantasy within her outfits; she appears to be constantly performing as if she is creating entertainment just through her clothing. There is an obvious link to couture within her style: unwearable and extravagant clothing created as if they are a piece of art. In relation to art there are influences of cubism within Gaga's style with the sharp edges and quirky shapes; to be specific there is a certain element of Tamara De Lempicka's work through her style. There is also a sci-fi feel within her style which adds an uber modern futuristic twist to each look that Gaga presents so wonderfully.


Images from

Versace for H&M opening

This morning Versace for H&M opened in London's Regent street store. Donatella Versace was there herself to greet excited fans- some of which camped out over night in order to grab their goodies quickly.I personally think this collaboration is brilliant- a combination of hight street and designer. Versace's tough edge mixed with vibrant colours and daring prints compliments H&M's modern, strong and youthful vibe. The collection has been so successful that most items are already sold out online. The Swedish brand have had many successful collaborations such as Lanvin, Jimmy Choo and now Versace- I wonder who will be next?

Street Chic from the London opening.


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Puppy Love

Motif Jumper- TOPSHOP
Shorts- H&M
Boots- ASOS

I love this motif jumper- it is incredibly soft and oh so versatile! I went for a classic preppy vibe with the buttoned up shirt, shorts, and top knot hair style; but the boots add some toughness to the look. I like to mix up my style- always add something unexpected to the look whether thats with texture, colour or accessories. It's enable me to experiment and express whatever mood I'm in, mix a variety of inspirations or perhaps take on a completely new venture regarding my style...It's good to push boundaries.


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Friday, 4 November 2011

Ever wanted an Evil Twin?

I have recently become obsessed with the Australian brand Evil Twin. I love their gothic vamp vibe but the also bohemian twist to their clothing- I only wish there was a store in the UK. Shopping on ASOS and Urban Outfitters isn't enough, I need the full collection! Take inspiration from these amazing outfits...



Mohair jumper- H&M
Fur stole- H&M
Lace maxi skirt- TOPSHOP

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