Wednesday, 21 December 2011

era embrace

Nostalgia, a feeling that at one point or another we will all experience in our life. Whether it is a yearning for yesterday, for childhood years or even a distant historic era; and this is the influence of today's post. Fashion from all eras is seen on runways season after season. The past continually affects modern society whether it's through art, literature, fashion or even politics; the mistakes and successes of the past stand as a basis from which we can learn from. Fashion has seen many changes within the last century but sometimes it can be difficult to express these historic styles as a modern interpretation. So... I have scoured the internet and picked out some of my favourites which will allow you to express any era from the classical 20s to the skinhead culture of the 80s with a modern British twist.



Flapper style dress: Kimchi & Blue at Urban Outfitters
Cloche style hat: Topshop
Suede Heels: Asos


Fur Capelet: Topshop
Pencil skirt: Topshop
Pussybow blouse: Asos


Mint shift dress: Asos
White cropped jacket: Rokit
Mint alice band: Asos


Leather jacket: Rokit
Vintage dress: Urban Outfitters
Pointed Creepers: Urban Outfitters

Friday, 16 December 2011


A perfectly named store- I don't think there is anything the female species loves more than a good gossip with the addition of sweet delights or savoury snacks. I am obsessed with the dark, punk and edgy aesthetic to their vintage collection. So, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite pieces. Unfortunately it is that time of year where money cannot be spared so I think I'll have to wait until pay day after Christmas to satisfy my burning desire to purchase one of these 'bitching' items. 


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Andrej Pejic

Pejic without a doubt is completely beautiful- there is nothing I wouldn't do to have a face like his. Yes, he is a man much to most people's amazement. This androgynous model has captured people’s hearts and sparked some real interest with major fashion moguls- he has worked previously for Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier. Many a time has he been labelled 'the world's most beautiful boy' on and to be quite frank who is anyone to argue with that? Pejic has shocked on the runway with his feminine charm and alluring aesthetic as woman everywhere battle the idea of a man being more beautiful than them. As if he hadn't stunned people already with his feminine beauty but Pejic has pushed his ability to alternate between genders even further by being the first male model to front a women's underwear brand- for Hema (a Dutch department store). It is completely revolutionary and I'm sure this isn't the last surprise Pejic will have in store for us.

The allure to Andrej Pejic is not the fact he dresses or even looks like a woman, but it’s that he almost defies and makes us question our opinions and natural judgements. He is attractive to all: men and women, which surely suggests that he embodies ‘ultimate beauty’ even though our natural judgement tells us he shouldn't or perhaps couldn’t. There are still manly characteristics within his face such as his piercing eyes and bone structure; yet his supple and smooth skin, his perfectly symmetrical and soft shapely face suggests that of a woman making him sexually appealing yet also aspirational regarding his beauty. There is a definite blurring between the female and male gaze which in turn makes Pejic the perfect muse- the possibilities he provides as a model are endless.


Thursday, 1 December 2011


Even the word 'Valentino' connotes a sense of feminity and delicacy which is reflecting beauitfully within their clothing. Valentino's Spring/Summer '12 collection personifys a warm summers evening: sat on the beath with the waves crashing around you, fruity cocktail in your hand in the company of the one you love. The use of sheer lace makes each naughty reveal almost innocent; there is definitely a sense of purity and softness within each beautifully decorated masterpiece. Fabrics so soft you can imagine the feel of the long flowing skirts gently brushing your ankles. Each look creates an almost goddess like vision with loosly plaited hair, naturally bronzed skin and on occasion Grecian folds that drape over the body. Other seductive and lovely looks convey an essence of victorian style with the delicate embroidary and high neck details. If only I had the money or the place to wear these magnificent pieces; they are however created in a more realistic image with the teaming of flat strapped sandals or espadrilles- making these red carpet looks incredibly wearable. The colours make the looks suitable for day and night: candy brights for day, sultry blacks and reds for night with pure whites for those scorching summer days. Valentino epitomises the word 'lady like' within their designs and this collection definitely oozes that precious and girlish beauty we all love about this mesmerising designer brand.


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