Friday, 17 February 2012

LFW: day 1

Corrie Nielsen

The winner of Fashion Fringe 2010 created a range of Scottish influenced designs for her AW 2012-13 collection. An array of tartan, chiffon, ruffles and exaggerated silhouettes took to the runway. Throughout the show a Scottish-themed music played with an ominous male voice echoing over the top; perhaps to coincide with the almost Scottish- widow-esque pieces which in all black, with serious ruffles and dramatic draping brought a sense of attitude to the runway. An attitude which was embodied by the models: hand on hips with a rebellious strut. Tartan reigned supreme in the form of pencil skirts, wide leg black and white trousers, swollen shouldered, structured jackets, ruffled front shirts, an emphasised ballroom-like skirt and not to mention tartan print on the faces of the models themselves. 

Underneath all the drama and attitude, there was an undertone of ladylike quaintness; with sheer nude spotted gloves, tumbling pearls, draped bows and knee length black dresses. Watching the show: an element of fairytale extravagance filtered through from the feathered, architectural headpieces and dresses that had a Queen of Hearts resemblance with high neck swollen ruffles and protuberances: suggesting perhaps aesthetics of Victorian-dress.

With all these elements combined: Corrie Nielsen's collection was one of Scottish brilliance, mysterious darkness, costume-esque extravagance with hint of rebellion. Great beginning for LFW and, of course, another beautifully talented collection for Nielsen. 

Pictures up asap...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tommy Ton- Street Style

These images have been sourced from The photographer is Tommy Ton; they were taken during the fashion shows of couture and of menswear. Personally these images are a breath of fresh air- regarding street style- and embody a naturalness. It is as if the person within the image is not aware of it being taken- perhaps this is true- and this gives each photograph character and substance. The images are busy and exciting; they convey the scene you would expect of a fashion show: hectic fashion moguls rushing around on the phone with cameras, notebooks and folders. But they still manage to look effortlessly chic with panache.

Be prepared. There's quite a few.

Hope these inspired you as much as they did me.

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