Thursday, 22 March 2012


For my UCA interview I was asked to write a journalistic piece in response to the question mentioned below. My life is extremely hectic nowadays, therefore I am unfortunately behind 
with regards to blogging. But, never fear I am slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things...

“On a desert island, the pigeon post will bring only one publication each month. Which one would you choose and why?”- Creativity, stylistic flair, written language competence, industry awareness.
            I imagine the warm, friendly sand dancing over my feet, the heat of the sun radiating down; it’s a comforting warmth one I long for in a world of isolation and solitude. I stare at the vast ocean before me, a glistening pool of enticing beauty (not to mention a refreshing necessity when the blistering temperature becomes too much to bear), there is no knowing how many millions of miles exist between me and Western Civilisation- an infinite perpetual motion. Then I notice, gliding through the sky, a small glimmer of hope - I rub my eyes, a hallucination? Finally I make out the flapping of wings and sigh, exhaling all the sadness and loneliness that has built up over time- my delivery has arrived, my editorial ecstasy.
            Harper’s Bazaar, a magazine which personally embodies not only style but substance. Harper’s is not just a magazine but a symbol of history and change; having been reinvented throughout its existence, Harper’s delivers knowledge and experience. From the UK magazine’s establishment in 1929- where it documented the lives of aristocrats and British ‘socialites’- to 1970 where the magazine merged with rival UK publication, Queen, to create Harpers & Queen- upholding it’s high society image. Today it is Harper’s Bazaar, a glossy fashion magazine- whose reputation is highly regarded- since 2006 due to Lucy Yeomans’ consistent encouragement and powerful persuasion.
                Personally, the magazine is one that tells a story within every page; littered with history and hope, from the intimate interviews with the most prestigious creative minds of fashion (a feature on Helmut Newton, September 2011 issue) to discussions of the arts, music and politics. Harper’s Bazaar provides escapism through its diverse content, overflowing with exotic language enabling you to disappear within the page; through its aspirational images of fashion’s most fortunate, exquisite clothing that demonstrates such talent and passion. The magazine’s adaptation and change throughout history allows it to balance the aspirational and the inspirational through its gritty language and dazzling images- it truly expresses the connection between creators and creations.
            On a desert island, I would want a magazine delivered that enticed and gripped me, a magazine never disappointed, that occupied my mind with language and thoughts. Harper’s Bazaar epitomises these attributes which is why I cannot imagine having any other magazine in the clutches of a pigeon, flying towards me in the heat haze to provide me with eloquent escapism. 

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