About Mollie...

I am an aspiring fashion journalist currently living in Plymouth aka the city of seagulls and pasties. My aim is to live in London- the home of all things satorial and stylish- it is not only the capital of England but also the capital of creativity. Through by blog I express my own style and opinion of the ever evolving fashionable world around me.

My blog is called 'Wear Yourself' which in my opinion sums up the essence of style. Trends and dressing in relation to what is 'in season' is, of course, important. However, I feel that personal style is what keeps English fashion as quirky and unique as it is, people aren't afraid to experiment and literally embody their personality within their clothing. Therefore 'wearing themself'.

My style differs from day to day depending on my mood, the weather or my inspiration. But, I love black clothes, vamp looks, preppy English outfits, dramatic layering, chunky boots, adrogyny and fur. I love art, music, writing, the 20s and 80s and good old fashioned tear jerkers. Lipstick is my ultimate accessory- it completes any look. Of course it is impossible to completely describe myself in one paragraph, so to discover what's underneath the surface and the thoughts of Mollie...follow my blog.

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